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Making all your own food all the time is really great and really satisfying, but you know what can also be great and satisfying? Buying a ready-to-go snack and having it show up at your front door, and this is why I love Amazon so much. I already have to spend time cooking my meals, so I want my snacks to be ready to grab out of the cupboard when I get hungry, and thankfully, because Amazon has absolutely everything, it even has a wide variety of snacks that fit right into my WW plan.

There are a number of delicious foods that come in under 6 SmartPoints — most are half that or less — and come in bulk, so you can stock if you have the space. While I’m the first to admit a snack of fresh fruits or vegetables is obviously preferable to anything processed, sometimes you just really want some crackers or pudding, and the beauty of WW is that it’s totally OK to eat those things — as long as you count your points!

Keep scrolling for a selection of snacks you can stock up on on Amazon, and if you’re feeling crafty, you can try making some of these snacks of your own.




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