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Working out is a staple in a healthy lifestyle. Maybe before you had children, the gym was your second home. You could go after work and spend hours just working on your fitness. Maybe you hardly saw the gym before you had kids and you just recently got the fitness bug. Bottom line: When you have kids, your life changes and your fitness has never mattered more. Want proof? Look no further than stars like Britney Spears or Pink and you’ll see how important your gym time is when you become a mom.

Sarah Chadwell, one of our fitness experts, NASM CPT, and mom of two boys, says, “Having children creates even more meaningful reasons to work out. It’s a great stress reliever, a healthy practice for all of you, and it shows your kiddos the importance of including fitness in your life in a fun way.” With both adult and childhood obesity on the rise, it’s never too early to get the whole family into fitness. When exercise is viewed as fun and not as a chore, it’s more likely to stick as a normal, life-long practice.

Our best advice is to use your children as resistance. Yes, really! From the time your children are babies, you can include them in your workouts. Chadwell said, “Children make adorable resistance equipment and using them in your exercise routines creates positive associations and memories that revolve around exercise.” Try some of these moves with your kiddos.




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