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If you’re a runner, then we already have a lot in common. You have probably worried about whether or not you’ll be able to, um, poop before embarking on a long distance. You’ve absolutely gotten so frustrated with your “stupid running app” and its connection to the GPS that you’ve almost thrown your phone on the ground. For example, when I’m running in Hoboken, NJ, the service is so bad that I actually talk back to the voice in my ear, informing me of my pace. “Yeah, I’m sure that’s my pace,” I shout with a sarcastic tone. Seriously, Sarah? People are probably running by me wondering what’s up. Like, am I OK? No! I am not. I’m crazy, because all runners are kind of crazy.

Recently, I realized that I should probably share my running thoughts with the rest of the world, because if other people aren’t wondering the same things I am, they will eventually. Running a race is even more exciting, and goodness knows that’s a whole different ball game. Don’t worry, it’s not scary; it’s actually thrilling, and you feel like you’ve got more fuel to go off of. For me, that means my thoughts are also racing like never before. Ahead, I’ve collected images from some memorable runs and detailed my accompanying thoughts in full, without holding anything back. YOLO, am I right?




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