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Last month, I was at the Kayla Itsines Sweat Tour surrounded by Kayla‘s superfans. I was lying on my back in the grassy field of the Rose Bowl arena in Los Angeles, getting ready to do some bicycle crunches, when a beautiful, chiseled, excited young woman came up to my friend and I, asking, “do you mind if I work out with you guys?”

Instantly, I recognized her face from Instagram — “that’s @mysweatlife!” I thought to myself. Known by her handle (and her empowering story), Kelsey Wells is an icon within the BBG community.

Kelsey got down on the grass with us for ab bikes and cheered us on as we went into exhausting (but explosive!) tuck jumps. To be honest, it was one of the more exhilarating moments in my fitness career. Today, her story has been taking the internet by storm — and it’s about the amount of weight she lost. You’re going to be stunned, trust me. Check it out.




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