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As an avid fitness enthusiast, former athlete, and lover of comfortable clothes, I’ve spent my fair share of time in leggings. I joke that the day my mother approved leggings over jeans as appropriate airplane attire was the day my world forever changed. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to leggings, and after a rigorous screening process, I can confidently profess my undying love for the Outdoor Voices 7/8 Springs Leggings ($85).

Why are these leggings “the one?” Well, for one thing, they’re so cute. I mean, have you seen them? The three-way colorblocked pattern is surprisingly flattering, and adds the right pop to a workout look; it’s eye-catching without being an eyesore. Plus, they’re neutral enough that they pair seamlessly with most of my workout tops, which is a serious perk. Secondly, they feel great. These leggings are made from Outdoor Voices’ signature textured compression fabric, which is tight without being restricting. So basically, these leggings hold you in and make your butt look amazing. They’re also a great option for traveling, and will keep your blood circulating even on long flights. This also means that they, very conveniently, will not ride down. They stay put.

“I’ve done laundry just so that I can wear these leggings. They’re that vital to my wardrobe.”

Last, but certainly not least, they were made for almost any activity. I can wear these to yoga, Pilates, barre, on a hike, or to the grocery store. They’re thicker, so I wouldn’t wear them for super sweaty activity, but I’ve worn them to spin class before, and they’ve held their own. To be frank, I’ve done laundry just so that I can wear these leggings. They’re that vital to my wardrobe.

If you’re thinking of investing in a pair of these classic leggings, you’ve got the go-ahead from me. Sizing wise, I’d say they’re pretty true, though if you’re in between sizes or don’t want them so tight, I’d suggest sizing up. I wear my true size in these and absolutely love them. The mid-rise is flattering and convenient, plus they have a roomy front waistband pocket that’s perfect for stashing your phone, keys, or credit cards. Basically, the hardest part of your purchase will be picking a favorite color.




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