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This year, I’m running my third runDisney race — the Disney Princess 10K — and I’m finally ready to commit to a real costume. In years past, I’ve worn a tutu and character-inspired apparel, but never a full-on, all-out costume. And to be honest, the costumes at runDisney races have always been so good that the FOMO has finally overtaken me.

Creating a real runDisney look is a true art form; you need to put something together that creates an iconic character (the costume portion of it) while also mitigating chafing and discomfort and keeping everything secure and supported for all your miles (the technical portion). You could obviously just run in a Halloween costume, but I’ve learned that the diehard runDisney fans are much more careful — and creative — with this process.

I gleaned all of this not just from my past two runDisney races but from my good friend Sarah Stevens, a true expert who’s run 14 runDisney races and created just as many unique costumes (usually a mix of Lululemon and handmade pieces). The result is a combination of strategically curated running gear mixed with costume pieces and bedazzled sneakers and accessories. Read: equal parts showstopping costume and technically sound performance wear.

And for my character of choice this time around? My go-to princess has always been Ariel (mermaids forever), but I’ve been so . . . well . . . enchanted by all the Cinderellas that I’ve seen on courses past, I decided to go with the iconic powder blue look myself. Check it out!




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