Your butt is growing wider as your fingers spend more and more time typing into your computers and personal devices.

Stop the rear end spread, and join the trend and get your body Hot to Trot by joining in the completely free best body workout running!

With the availability of personal training apps and wearable fitness devices, you have no excuse to continue that sedentary lifestyle.

Running in 2016 will bring what you what everyone desires to obtain a healthy body and mind.

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There are many reasons why running is the prime cardio activity in 2016 and they include benefits to both your outer and inner self.

The World Health Organization data has obesity at staggering numbers.

The worldwide obesity epidemic has doubled since the 1980s and right now over 39% of the population is overweight.

Running is the most economical and relaxing way to fight the extra inches.

Science also has shown that running creates an “afterburn” meaning that you burn calories for a time after you stop running.

You don’t need to run at max speed to get this benefit, so don’t feel like you need to Flo Jo it every time you hit the pavement.

You know that mysterious runner’s high that you hear about? Well it’s true! Running releases, those feel-good endorphins that help to reduce depression and lift your mood.

How often to run as your cardio activity is truly, a personal decision and you have to consider your fitness goals.

At a minimum, your running cardio should be three-four times weekly in combination with other cross training and strength building activities such as weight lifting or yoga.

However, if you are training for a marathon, then your runs should be more frequent and longer in length. Many running enthusiasts will run 6-7 times a week.

However, you should consider some risk minimizing factors if you decide to go that route.

Do not fall on the injured reserve list with running!

Prepare yourself with risk minimizing activities so you run safely in 2016.

By running with good posture and swinging your arms back and forth, your knees and back will experience less stress while you run.

Become cognizant of your posture daily and this will also help your running and avoiding the common injuries.

Wear properly fitting running shoes; visit your running shop for a pro fit, which will give you the correct footwear so you can run in comfort.

Lastly, add strength training on your days off from running.

Strength training helps stabilize your muscles used when running and alleviates knee and leg issues further down your running timeline.

There are many free running apps for your phone that can keep you on schedule for your 2016 fitness goals.

Some of the top running aps include Strava Run and Runkeeper, which have both free and paid options available to both Apple and Android users.

These apps will keep your running logs, connect you to friends, and give you encouragement as you continue your running journey in 2016.

Integrating technology into your running routine will allow you to experience maximum fitness with the utmost organization.

Get your body Hot to Trot in 2016 by running at least three times a week.

Fight the butt spread and join millions of people in the easiest form of exercise that is free to participate.

Amplify your running journey by incorporating technology into your fitness.

Don’t forget! Minimize your injuries by using proper form and by doing strengthening activities on your off days.

Enjoy a slimmer and happier self by running in 2017.




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