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Ben & Jerry’s now offers a total of 11 non-dairy pints, and the newest flavors are Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Caramel Cluster. Living in Vermont (where Ben & Jerry’s all began) and being dairy-free, it was my civic duty to get my hands on these pints to try them out.

I’ll tell you, they were not easy to find. I called six different grocery and health food stores to find them, and five were sold out! On a side note, I must have sounded a little crazy calling specifically to see if they had these two flavors; they must have thought I was newly broken up with or pregnant (or maybe both?).

And poor me, I had the difficult task of doing a taste test with these delicious pints. It was hard, but I did it for you! Here’s what I thought of these two exciting new flavors. I’ve also included the nutritional info, not as a buzzkill, but just so you know that while these pints are dairy-free, they’re definitely not low in calories. Now on to the tasting!




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