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Kelly Daniels’s weight-loss journey started in an unorthodox way. She experienced a lower-back injury at CrossFit that hindered her from working out and training regularly. “My back injury along with several devastating life events turned my world upside down,” she shared with POPSUGAR. “I was no longer training at my usual intensity or frequency, no longer paying attention to my nutrition, and my depression/stress levels were on the rise.”

As she started to recover from her injury, she found herself “lacking energy or motivation,” which was making it difficult for her to stay fit. “I was losing strength, my cardiovascular endurance was pitiful, and I just didn’t like my reflection in the mirror! It was time for change!” she admitted.

That’s when Kelly found Renaissance Periodization, a weight-loss program that helped her lose 18 pounds and change her diet. She has since turned her life around and feels and looks her very best! Read on for her full story.




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