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My husband watches a lot of Chopped and Iron Chef. I think it’s escapism for him because our kitchen is more like American Horror Story than Top Chef. Not that he’s any better — his idea of cooking is heating up a Tombstone pizza. Sure, my cooking skills aren’t going to win me any awards (or win over any friends at dinner parties), but eating at home and prepping meals for the week is still important.

If I meal prep for the week ahead, I know I’ll have enough food for healthy lunches and dinners so I won’t be tempted to eat out. Who do I look like, Oprah Winfrey? Like Oprah, I love bread. Unlike Oprah, I am not a billionaire (yet!) and certainly can’t afford to dine out more than a couple times a week. Eating out in New York is expensive, y’all, and I would rather save my hard-earned cash than spend it on a predictable chopped salad down the street.

All of this is to say: I frequently meal prep. But I’m pretty bad at cooking; one time I thought when a recipe called for a clove of garlic, it actually meant a bulb of garlic, so I sautéed enough full cloves of garlic to kill a vampire. Then there was the time I didn’t know what “brown the ground turkey” meant, so I had to google it and then call my sister. But a few years (and many, many mistakes) later, I’ve collected enough meal-prep hacks to actually make it worth my time.

Will you be seeing me on the Food Network anytime soon? Probably not. But I can make enough meals to last me a few days that are edible and sometimes even tasty! It’s not like I have all day Sunday to devote to meal prep — I have mimosas to drink and Law & Order: SVU marathons to watch. So here are the seven hacks my husband and I use regularly to make sure meal prep is as easy and efficient as possible.




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