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I feel like my best self in Spin class, but putting me on a real bike is a different story entirely. It’s not that I can’t ride a bike: it’s just that when I do, I can’t stop thinking about how dangerous it is. Whenever my friends tell me they bike to work or to get around the city, I’m baffled. It’s no secret that wearing a helmet is an essential safety precaution when you’re riding, but the sad reality is that I see so many people biking through the city without any kind of protection.
That’s exactly why the Lumos Smart Bike Helmet ($179) stopped me in my tracks while scrolling through Oprah’s Favorite Things,.

Why is a bike helmet my top choice from this epic gifting list? Because it lights up, so if you’re biking before the sun is up or after it’s gone down, you’ll be seen. It also has both turn and brake signals, which makes drivers and pedestrians all the more aware of how you’re moving. If you know anyone who bikes regularly, you just found their holiday present. It comes in six colors, and I just placed an order for myself, so maybe you’ll catch me on a real bike after all.




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