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Jameela Jamil is doubling down on her criticism of celebrities who use social media to promote detox teas and appetite suppressants. On Tuesday, the actress and star of The Good Place shared a video of herself parodying the same advertisements that you’ve likely scrolled past on Instagram many a time. In the video, Jamil can be seen holding a suspicious looking drink that she dubs a “supermodel shake” before jokingly advertising its benefits.

“I’ve only been taking it for three days and I’ve already lost 35 pounds and I’ve got abs, but I’ve never done a day’s exercise in my life and I haven’t been on a diet. I ate five hamburgers last night!” Moments later, after she takes a sip of the drink, the video cuts to Jamil sitting on a toilet while some very explicit sound effects play in the background. “Hi, you guys,” she starts again. “I’ve been here now for like three years but I’m still feeling amazing and super skinny. Discount code is in my bio. It burns.” The video comes just days after Jamil called out Cardi B and a handful of other celebrities for promoting similar products to their fans and followers.

Scroll ahead to see more of her comments condemning these detox drinks and dietary supplements.




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