It is a fact that the exercises to maintain body weight, such as dips, push-ups, and pull-ups are quite traditional yet useful techniques to develop a strong body. Only think of soldiers and the army – they get trained with only these moves to have a solid strength.

One of the best fitness tools, which you may use to toughen your upper body portion, is a power tower. It has 4 exercise stations on one machine.

  • Chin-up piece
  • Back and arm pads to raise the knee vertically
  • Two dip bars
  • Knobs or bars for the push-up

The power tower also includes a fold-away cushion for the knee to do dips and chin-ups with help. You may find power towers from different manufacturers of fitness devices, and you can make use of one in a gym session.

Power tower and its design

Power towers are narrow and tall in design, and it is intended to deal with various workouts while involving the least possible floor space. Thus, exercise stations of the system are hoarded using a chin-up piece at the top, and this piece is almost seven feet from the ground. You may suspend from the bar or two separate horizontal bars, in some instances. You have to pull up your chest to a level of the piece, supporting the biceps or upper rear body muscles.

Below it, there is another station to do upright knee raises, also known as abdominal workouts. Here, your elbow is to be placed on forward-projecting pads, gripping onto a knob at the pad’s end. Moreover, you need to place your back adjacent to an erect back pad, while your legs dangle. Then, you pull your knees upward or raise the legs directly in front of you and lower them. It will help you to train hip and abdominal muscles. There are a couple of bars, projecting ahead from your power tower, usually from arm pads to create dip bars.

There are a couple of bars, projecting ahead from the power tower, usually from arm pads to create dip bars. Doing dips mainly work out the frontal deltoids, triceps, and upper body muscles, you need to face the tools and grab the slabs. Bend your body and make your elbows straight to drop and raise the weight of your body.

The look of power tower’s base

At the foot of the power tower, slightly above the ground, there are two more bars, and these are for push-ups. They are positioned parallel to your body’s length so that your hands may be placed in such a way, which makes the palms face directing inward. Moreover, they help you in lowering the body into any push-up. In fact, push-ups may be the better options for the triceps, shoulder, shoulder and chest muscles.

Thus, with the structure of a power tower, presented here, you can now realize it is quite useful to keep yourself healthy.




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