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Want to get in a total-body strength training workout in just 30 minutes? Grab some dumbbells and let’s do this! This interval workout involves pretty basic dumbbell moves, but there’s not much rest between exercises, so you’ll definitely work your muscles — expect to feel sore tomorrow!

Keep two pairs of weights close by so you can go lighter or heavier if you need to. My CrossFit coach always says to challenge yourself and start with the heavier weights — it’s just 40 seconds so move slowly if you need to.

30-Minute Dumbbell Workout

Equipment needed: Two pairs of light- to medium-weight dumbbells (three to 25 pounds) and a sturdy wooden box or bench. You’ll also need a clock or stopwatch to keep track of your intervals.

Directions: Follow the five-minute warmup up below then complete this 30-minute workout. Focus on moving with control and with proper form, getting in 12 to 18 reps in each 40-second interval. There’s no rest between each six-minute workout, but if you need to take 30 to 60 seconds, go ahead. Finish with five minutes of s cooldown; try this this stretching sequence.

Warmup: Repeat as many times in 5 minutes
10 gate swings
10 forward backward lunges (5 per side)
10 plank shoulder taps

0:00-6:00 Repeat 3x
40 seconds dumbbell thrusters, 20 seconds rest
40 seconds upright row, 20 seconds rest
6:01-12:00 Repeat 3x
40 seconds alternating lunges with biceps curl, 20 seconds rest
40 seconds bent-over reverse fly, 20 seconds rest
12:01-18:00 Repeat 3x
40 seconds seated Russian twist, 20 seconds rest
40 seconds chest press, 20 seconds rest
18:01-24:00 Repeat 3x
40 seconds dumbbell deadlift, 20 seconds rest
40 seconds plank with row, 20 seconds rest
24:01-30:00 Repeat 3x
40 seconds dumbbell step up, 20 seconds rest
40 seconds wide biceps curls, 20 seconds rest

Keep reading for details on how to do each move.




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