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Shaun T took the fitness world by storm when he came up with one of Beachbody’s most successful programs, Insanity. Now, as a new father to twin boys, Shaun T knows just how important it is to be efficient in the gym, which led him to create his newest program, Transform:20 (coming out in 2019) — the perfect workout for parents or anyone short on time.

When it comes to staying in shape as a parent, Shaun told POPSUGAR the best advice he received before the birth of Silas and Sander. “You have to bring the kids into your lifestyle,” he shared. Instead of making excuses for why he didn’t have time to work out, he explained, “It was more about, ‘Oh, I’m going to actually be a dad, so I have to show them that health and fitness is a priority.'” According to Shaun, bringing his children into his lifestyle has allowed him and his husband Scott to avoid getting “dad bod.”

If you can’t wait for Shaun T’s Transform:20 to drop, try these 20-minute workouts:

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