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There are many reasons to skip booze during a night out, and sometimes it’s fine to sip on juice, soda, or plain water while everyone else is drinking. But it can also be an utter drag. That’s why mocktails are great — and why we wish they were a little less of a sugar bomb than most of them are. Some Shirley Temples, for example, can have around 59 grams of sugar in one drink, according to the Nutritionix database.

If you’re looking for a booze-free cocktail with more nutritional value, plus a more complex taste, Curious Elixirs might be the brand to try. They come in three varieties so far and stand out for their all-organic ingredients and interesting, low-cal blends of juices, herbs, adaptogens, root extracts, and (in one of the cocktails) even CBD. If you’re looking for some fizzle, they’re carbonated as well. And each flavor features zero grams of added sugar, meaning that the only sugar comes from the natural ingredients. Even then, one flavor only has three grams.

Each flavor comes in a classy bottle, and its website describes the taste and best serving combinations for each to maximize your alcohol-free drinking experience. You can order them online in a case of 12 bottles ($89) or a box of four ($35), and its website says that each bottle splits into two cocktail servings. Read on for different flavors and nutrition facts for each swanky, booze-free drink.




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