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Caroline15221522Caroline15221522 3 years

This is a nice schedule and all, but what beginner really has the stamina for a 20 minute run or a 60 minute cycling class? That doesn’t sound particularly useful for a beginner to me – I know I wouldn’t be able to do that in the first week.

fashionhorefashionhore 9 years

Mountain climbers kill me! I love doing them though because if I do enough, I don’t have to do cardio for that day. It’s much easier, for me at least, than running.

lovekailualovekailua 9 years

this is exactly what i need! i just quit my gym b/c i have no time literally to use it and saves me 35 a month. i need to get more of these type things (esp for butt and thighs!). awesome!

syakosyako 9 years

I love moves in the plank position. They are so incredibly tough but so effective!

aimeebaimeeb 9 years

I’ve done these before, not easy!

adelkaadelka 9 years

I just had a conversation yesterday about how you can get a wonderful and butt-kicking workout without the gym! I am a fan of these, plies, squats, lunges, puch-ups, and other moves as well. Throw some running into the mix and you’re all set!

squirrellypoosquirrellypoo 9 years

ahh, we do those in my Boot Camp class, only we call them Runner’s Starts, since they echo the pose the elite track runners use at the starting gate…




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