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When we look for workout clothes, we have a few nonnegotiable requirements. The pieces have to be functional and they have to look good. Otherwise, what’s the point? Outdoor Voices has been one of our go-to brands since it was founded in 2014 — it makes clothes you want to live your life in, whether you’re heading to dance class or just taking the dog for a walk. With clothes made of comfortable materials in cool colorways, the brand has created something for everyone, and there’s nothing not to love. If you’ve spotted the brand on Instagram, but are unsure of where to start, let us be your guide.

Right now, the only thing we want to be shopping are Outdoor Voices’ Sports Kits. They’ve created bundles of their top selling products for only $85. For context, that’s usually less than the price of one pair of leggings, so to say this is a deal would be an understatement. They created three kits for women, the Hike Kit, the Spin Kit, and the Run Kit, so no matter what your preferred workout is, they’ve got something for you — but only for Memorial Day weekend. Hurry up and shop, this is one deal you won’t want to miss!




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