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We’re big-time fans of the midafternoon snack, but there’s nothing worse than eating something and then being hungry an hour or even minutes later. When we’re trying to eat healthy, that fear is only magnified. If you’re eating low-carb, for example, there are plenty of great snacks that are perfect for your lifestyle choices. The problem is that you can never be sure if you’ll be satisfied until dinner or if you’ll end up wandering the office looking for something, anything, to curb your cravings. Since nobody wants that, we’ve stepped in to help.

These 13 low-carb snacks will actually keep you full, and not just for 20 minutes. They’re packed with protein and fiber to keep your energy high and your cravings low; you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. We like to keep snack stashes at home, at the office, and in our bags, and after reading this, it might just inspire you to do the same. Bonus: all these products are available on Amazon, so they can be at your doorstep in just two days. Happy snacking!




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