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There are mixed feelings about workout shorts, but we’re firmly pro, and here’s why. Especially when it’s hot outside, it feels so freeing to be able to really move your legs. Plus, you don’t have to worry about them falling down in the same way that you do leggings, and they look so cute on! Especially for Summer runs or outdoor hikes, we’re picking shorts almost every time. So, we need them to perform and be flattering.

That’s where Nike comes in. We can almost guarantee that when you think of workout shorts, you think of Nike. Their pieces are comfortable and classic; we’ve been wearing them for decades. However, Nike’s also making supercurrent silhouettes that would feel at home both in the gym and in your next brunch outfit, like bike shorts. Seriously, they’re that cool. From the classic to the modern and everything in between, keep reading to shop our 14 favorite Nike shorts, just in time for Summer.




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