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Nothing is worse than schlepping all the way to the gym only to realize that the entire neighborhood followed you there. And we all know that, no matter how long you stare at the woman on the elliptical who has definitely exceeded her 30-minute time limit, she’s not budging. Still, a crowded gym isn’t a reason to throw in the towel on your workout. (After all, showing up is the hardest part.)

This eight-move circuit from Nate Price, NASM-certified personal trainer and owner of Grit N Grind Fitness in Dallas, TX, hits both your upper and lower body, and can be done even if you’re squeezed into a corner. Even better, you’ll be done with your workout in just 20 minutes. Simply do each of these moves for 20 seconds at a time, resting for 10 seconds between each exercise. Then rest for another minute at the end of the round, completing the circuit a total of four times. That’s it!




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