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Whether you’re in decent shape, or you’re just getting started working out, there’s always that one trouble spot you wish was just a little firmer, be it your arms, your stomach, or your thighs. As frustrating as it can be, making progress in those areas starts with transforming your entire body.

“The unfortunate part of weight loss is that you really cannot spot-reduce fatty areas,” Molly Canu, an NASM-certified personal trainer at The Fit Inn in New York City, told POPSUGAR. “You can, however, build muscle where you want, and sometimes that can be the solution to how you feel about a certain area of your body. I often try to encourage my clients to set strength goals that correlate to the areas they are trying to tighten up.”

In other words, while you’re working to reduce fat with a healthy diet and a mix of cardio and strength training, you can target specific muscles that will ultimately help give you the look you want. Here are five exercises Molly recommends to build up the thighs.




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