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You want a workout that works as hard as you do, plain and simple. If you want to get results and challenge yourself to progress to a new level, we’ve got just the session for you. All you need for this workout is a pair of dumbbells and a rowing machine. That’s it. It’s to the point, and every move integrates your whole body, from your arms to your shoulders, your butt to your legs.

This full-body, 1,000-calorie-burning workout was put together by Youfit Health Clubs‘s national director of fitness, Raphael Konforti. “This five-round, five-exercise circuit workout is a pride maker. You can’t help but leave the gym feeling like you’ve conquered it,” Raphael told POPSUGAR. “The best part is that, since this workout is done at a high intensity, it keeps you burning calories long after you’ve left your mark in the gym for the day.”

The movements in this workout are “simple and effective,” according to Raphael. “Do them right, push yourself, and the rewards will be all yours!”

The Workout

Complete five rounds of this circuit, resting at the end or only as needed to maintain intensity. Start round one by rowing 500 meters each time you’re instructed to row, and then add 100 meters with every round, so you row 900 meters each time in the last round. These are the five exercises you’ll do in each round.

As you can see, every round of this workout starts and ends with rowing. “Most people think that the faster they row, the faster they go. Increasing your tempo will get your heart rate up, but when your goal is to go for distance — not time — like this workout, it pays off to slow down,” Raphael explained.

These are Raphael’s tips for perfecting your rowing form.

  • Adjust the foothold so the strap tightens at the base of your toes. Bring your body in as close as you can.
  • Keeping your spine neutral, start by extending your legs. Once your legs are almost fully extended, lean back with your torso until about 30 degrees and finish off by pulling with the arms.
  • Reverse the motion back to start. About 60 percent of your power should come from the legs, 20 percent from the core, and the final 20 percent from the arms. The first and last muscle group you should feel rowing is hands and the legs.
  • Remember to take your time on each rep and really pull for power. Your return to start should be steady and take about twice as long as your pull.

Descriptions for the rest of the exercises are ahead.




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