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Kombucha, the fermented probiotic tea, is one of the trendiest beverages around, so obviously one of your first questions might be: can I make it alcoholic?

The answer is yes; in fact, it’s already slightly alcoholic on its own, with 0.5 ABV. That’s low enough that the drink is labeled nonalcoholic, so you won’t really feel it. The health benefits are legit, though: kombucha is great for your gut and a good source of antioxidants, though rumors of its metabolism-boosting effects aren’t quite true. If you’re looking for an actual buzz along with all of that, there are a few options out there, including the fantastically named Kombrewcha.

We should note that Kombrewcha isn’t the booziest of beverages, with only 4.4 percent ABV per drink — about the average for most beers. But if you love your kombucha and want to mix it with a light summer buzz, it might be worth a try. The brand says it’s perfect for mid-week happy hours or drinking around the pool: low-key, relaxed, and refreshing.

Kombrewcha is currently sold in glass bottles, but will soon be available in convenient and Instagram-friendly cans. The drinks are all organic and gluten-free, with simple ingredients like black tea, cane sugar, and yeast. The original Kombrewcha flavor “tastes somewhere between a beer and a cider,” the website says. The brand also offers Royal Ginger, Lemongrass Lime, and Berry Hibiscus flavors. For those looking to get a little more bang from their buck when it comes to boozy drinks, Kombrewcha also offers a guide to making your own cocktails with its products.

Currently, you can get Kombrewcha at select locations in NYC and Miami, and the brand just expanded distribution to Portland and Seattle as well; check out Kombrewcha’s store locator to see exactly where it’s available. (For Southern California drinkers, check out the equally attractive JuneShine hard kombucha.) With kombucha continuing to grow in popularity, we’ll be waiting for the day that Kombrewcha can expand its range. Until then, check out the pretty packaging and impressively simple and healthy nutrition information ahead.




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