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I never had an angsty teenage phase, though I did have a green eyeshadow phase that lasted 12 months too long. So maybe that’s why I’m drawn to angsty music — music that makes me feel gutted and emotional, heated and ready to kick some major butt. And maybe that’s why I need it to get me through tough spots in workouts.

I’ll give you an example: running on the treadmill is my least favorite form of exercise, but I do it anyway because of the endorphins and because, well, inclines are great for booty gains. When I cramp up, lose my motivation, or just can’t seem to run as fast as I intend to, I put on the one band from my middle school and high school days that can make me push past all of this: Paramore.

Lead singer Hayley Williams and her bandmates are the lords of Angstville and I am their humble servant. Songs like “Misery Business” and “Crushcrushcrush” not only tackle topics like embracing your emotions, broken relationships, and fighting against people’s expectations, but they also have rock beats that make you feel alive. Most importantly, they gear you up to run — fast.

Ahead, check out my top eight songs I put on during treadmill workouts to keep me striving for that cooldown. The Spotify playlist at the end of this list lasts over half an hour, so you can listen to the whole thing if you’d like to keep that Paramore angst all workout long! Need some inspiration? Check out this HIIT treadmill session or this Barry’s Bootcamp treadmill routine, which are both 30 minutes.




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