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It’s time to put those beloved sandals away and break out the wool sweaters; Winter is on the way. It’s hard not to get into a funk when you wake up to complete darkness and trudge through blustering temps just to get to your car.

Although you probably just want to bury yourself under a blanket this time of year and not move, self-care is more important than ever. Not only will the rituals of putting yourself first — even if it’s just for a few minutes a day — help you de-stress, but it can also boost your mood.

I spoke with Majka Kendall, the spa director at Chatham Bars Inn Resort and Spa in Cape Cod, where I got to experience the relaxing spa firsthand as part of a press trip. After a full-body scrub, I felt totally rejuvenated despite the cold and rainy temps outside. At night, I got to use the giant soaking tub inside a spa suite, which helped me unwind and ease into a restful sleep.

Since a spa getaway isn’t feasible for everyone, especially during the busy holiday season, Majka shared some self-care tips you can do right at home to combat the Winter blues. Although these tips may help reinvigorate you, if you truly suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), be sure to visit a healthcare provider who can help you find a course of treatment that works for you.




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