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Picture yourself in a 90-degree Bikram yoga room. Now add low-impact, Tabata-style HIIT intervals to the mix. The product is a highly sweaty, surprisingly zen, and rapidly result-producing class known as bodē nyc’s Hot HIIT. This staple in my class rotation was introduced to me by one of my favorite fitness apps. Though not recommended for those sensitive to heat, it’s known for marrying the benefits of heated workouts and low-impact bodyweight exercises to produce lean muscles.

Aside from packing in proper nutrition and overhydrating before every class, I always make sure I’m dressed correctly. Sweating out literal pounds is practically part of this class’s description, so I forgo a shirt for a pastel-hued sports bra ($40). The antimicrobial fabric keeps things smelling fresh, which is a must in those heated studios. To pair with the soft shades I’m wearing on top, I embrace the white workout wear trend with a pair of full-length leggings in an off-white tone ($75). Though you may assume shorts would be my first choice, I actually prefer to wear leggings to prevent slipping and injures during lunges, side planks, and the like.




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